Convergent boundary - a tectonic boundary where two plates are moving toward each other .
continental vs. continental -
Two continental plates coming together to form a mountain.
example : Himalayan mountains.

continental vs ocean -
Collision between oceanic and continental lithosphere.
The less dense sinks into the asthenosphere and it creates a subduction zone.
Where the two plates intersect a deep trench forms.
The magma comes up and when it cools it starts forming a volcano.
This is where continental and oceanic plates meet.

Ocean vs. Ocean : when two oceanic plates collide ,
the plate that is older , therefore colder and denser ,
is the one that will sink. Once again a subduction zone is formed.
above the subducting plate a chain of volcanic mountains form.
This time the volcanoes rise out of the ocean.
The Volcanic mountain is called island arcs.

Example of where oceanic vs oceanic happens.
Divergent boundaries
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